Know the rules.
Be confident.

Dining for Success...
"No rule of etiquette is of less importance than which fork we use" - Emily Post.

Why Is Dining Etiquette Important?
If you think a grasp of proper etiquette is for tea-drinking nobles, think again.  Knowing when, what, how and why in social graces is key in today's business and social arena.  
We are all in business to be successful.  Employers, employees, clients, suppliers, co-workers. 

America is an image driven country.  Management is aware of how they and their employees represent that image on behalf of the company. An employee's value to will be largely determined by how successful they are at projecting that image. 
Representing the company is no longer restricted to conversing over the telephone or
strictly "making a sales call". 

More and more business is conducted over the dining table in executive dining rooms, homes, clubs, and restaurants. This is today's success strategy: entertaining.  It is essential that you, as the business professional, feel confident in all dining situations for some of the following reasons:

  • Develop strong client relationships
  • Increase sales
  • Improve self image
  • Exert a confident professionalism
  • Close the deal
  • Secure a new job or promotion
  • Make a positive and lasting impression

Yet we live in a time when few of us learned the correct rules.  With the introduction of fast food, pre packaged meals, dual careers, single parent homes, and rushed lifestyles these skills can be a lost art.  But it should not be. 

Don't underestimate the value of the need to know.  This is not about being perfect, it is about being professional.

Top management of many Fortune 500 companies take potential front line employees or new hires to lunch or dinner to observe their comfort level with executives, spouses, wait staff,
and managing the formal dining process. 

They observe not only your etiquette skills but how you interact with all levels of people, in all situations.  Our manners speak volumes about us as a professional and what type of person we truly are.  Being pleasant with your boss and then speaking condescendingly to a waiter will probably send you packing.

  Instruction covers such topics as: 

  • Difficult-to-eat foods
  • Proper table hosting techniques
  • The appropriate time to discuss business
  • Mealtime manners
  • Posture and poise
  • Outlining a place setting and stem ware
  • Tipping
  • Male vs. female roles

You too can do better!
Be poised. Stay informed. Improve success.

Youth Class

Recent Graduates

Class Topics for Children and Teens

Sociologist N. Charles and M. Kerr conducted a study where mothers were asked to rate the importance of what children learn at the table:

  • Thanking people properly
  • Correct use of utensils
  • Not bringing books nor toys to the table
  • Not making a noise
  • Asking Permission before leaving
Besides offering dining etiquette classes for children and teens, Social and Business Graces also conducts training in social and communication skills and manners. 

Some topics covered are:
  • How to properly answer the telephone
  • Using "Please" and "Thank You"
  • Writing thank you cards
  • Proper greetings
  • Accepting and giving compliments
  • Importance of being on time
  • Guidelines of being a good guest
  • Respecting authority
  • What it means to be a good sport

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